About Me

"To capture and accentuate creations of terrestrial origin and transcend limitations of the mind"…This is my central focus as photographer.  Through my work I have the opportunity to energetically inspire others to re-connect with the mystery and harmony rooted in raw, majestic Earth.  In today's techno-industrialized, fast paced world, our living planet's boundless beauty and natural offerings often go unnoticed and unappreciated.   We forget to stop, look, listen, feel and take time to wonder at Her elemental perfection in awe.  My photographic crusade is to invoke a continued gratefulness and stewardship for sacred Earth's infinite forms of expression, from the grandest scale to the subtlest detail.  Master painters throughout the ages have taken the time to appreciate and experience our world in this precious manner.  
It is in us all to be masters…in our own ways. 
I rise to the calling.
  -    Troy Stallman